30 August 2015



heyyy guys! do you have stage fright ? i believe everyone do. right ? so do you ever wonder how some people could collect so many medals and certificates? here the answer ! :) TOURNAMENT !!

Every year, there will many  tournament to be held. As for my experience, i used to be in WTF and IGTF tournament. Thus, taekwondo competition typically involves sparring, pattern, breaking and  and self-defense There are two kinds of competition sparring. First is, point sparring, in which all strikes are light contact and the clock is stopped when a point is score and secondly,  Olympic sparring, where all strikes are full contact and the clock continues when points are scored. 
Basically, sparring involves a Hogu, or a chest protector, which muffles any kick's damage to avoid serious injuries. Helmets and other gear is provided as well. 
though other systems may vary, a common point system works such as, one point for a regular kick to the Hogu, two for a turning behind kick, three for a back kick, and four for a spinning kick to the head.

Apart from WTF and ITF tournaments, major taekwondo competitions (all featuring WTF taekwondo only) include Olympic Games, Universiade, Asian Games , Open Tournament, School Competition and many more. WTF taekwondo features in all multi-sport games except the Small Island Games. It was accepted as a Commonwealth Games sport in June 2010.

Taem from KPMIM in Open Tournment at Politeknik Muadzam Shah, Pahang

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