29 August 2015

Tips and Advices


Go easy at the beginning
I have seen it loads. A new white belt in the club clearly loves their taekwondo.They are so enthusiastic!They train 4-5 times a week. They really push themselves. They make great progress. But their body can't cope with the sudden change.They get an injury. And struggle to come back to training. Often they quit.

If you are new to martial arts or you haven't done a lot of exercise recently, take care of your body.
Take your time to get fit. Give your body time to adapt to the hard training.
In the long run you'll make better progress.  :)

get the basics right
Good basic technique is vital if you want to be good at taekwondo. All the top players say this whether they are fighters or pomse specialists. Taekwondo techniques work well if you do them right. At the beginning it may seem like you are going over and over the same thing again and again. You might even feel a bit bored a times. But to do a good front kick you need to do 1000s of front kicks. There's no way round this. Turn your bottom foot on every kick. Work on the correct chamber for every block. There's no rush to get to spin kicks. You've got years to do them. Get your roundhouse kick right first. :)

some advices !

Know this--
As i am in learning process, i realized Taekwondo is tough--
If you've just started training you won't be good at it for a long, long time.
It takes years to even get the basics down to any reasonable standard.
Just know this.
And don't be hard on yourself if you find it tough.
Because it is tough.

Have Fun!
Meet up with your mates after training and have a kick.
You have to keep taekwondo fun. Because if it's not fun you'll quit.
We hope our taekwondo tips were useful for you.

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