30 August 2015



are you a fighter ? do you have that enough strength to be a fighter? what? too small to fight with people? aha ! no worries. in Taekwondo, for sparring there will be according to the size and weight. Do you know, Taekwondo sparring is a great way for kids & adults to gain confidence, utilize their Taekwondo skills in a "real world" environmentand lose their fear being hit ? Practice these moves at home so you can surprise & defeat your Taekwondo sparring opponents :)

boys  sparring 

girls sparring

Everyone feels fear in taekwondo sparring. :) It's very intimidating to go into a ring and face someone intent on kicking and punching you. but try to force yourself to get into the ring and do your best. in reality it never seems to be as bad as you think it's going to be.
And when you conquer your fear.

Mohammed Ali said ; 
'float like a butterfly sting like a bee'

In taekwondo sparring footwork really is the key. In taekwondo sparring what happens between your kicks is actually more important than kicks themselves. Learn to slide forwards and backwards keeping your weight on both feet and your body over your legs.
Furthermore you need to learn to switch quickly on the spot.  Next is you have to learn to step forwards and backwards quickly and accurately. balancing your body is the most important when comes to sparring. If you fall down when you were in the ring, you will get warning. Hence, the key to success is just relax, and take your time, listen hard when your instructor teaches you footwork. Practise it. And pay attention to every tiny detail


To be successful in taekwondo sparring you need to be fit. Really fit!
To get fighting fit you need to do combinations of lots of different exercises to get all round body fitness. You also need to do strength training combined with ballistic exercises like jumping and clapping push-ups. These exercises develop strength and speed in your legs and arms. And you need to stretch so that you are supple enough to kick high. :)

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