29 August 2015



Taekwondo kicks! Are you ready to master yours?

do you feel like want to kick someone right now? come let me teach you how to kick in a proper way ! lets kick them !

turning kick

With a good taekwondo turning kick. You can break boards with power. You can show great control in poomse. And you can score lightning fast points in sparring. It really is the most versatile of the taekwondo kicks!

Front Kick
Front kick - just bend your knee and kick right? Yes that's right ! :) At least at first! Lift your knee towards the target. Then let your foot go and just hit that target.  Then bend your knee off.
And that's it! You've done a front kick. Is it really that simple? Well maybe there's a bit more to it :)

Back kick 
Learning to turn your body round through 180' while your leg moves in a straight line is not easy! It takes time, patience, and practice to get tkd back kick right. It's worth it though!  If you do it well your taekwondo back-kick will create enormous power. A great feeling! :) 

To do a taekwondo sidekick properly you must turn your standing foot through 180'. This means that when you strike the target the toes of your standing foot point backwards. Her bottom foot is turning as she extends her leg. You need to turn your standing foot for two reasons. Firstly the turn allows your hips to open up so your foot can strike the target in the correct position.Secondly it's the turn of your standing foot that creates the power in taekwondo sidekick. As your foot turns you can push off it. This lets you use your powerful hip, bum and core muscles to drive your kicking foot out.


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