31 August 2015



have u ever seen this logo? have u have doubt what is the different between ITF and WTF ? well, there is no much differences but still have differences. 

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is the international federation governing the sport of taekwondo and is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF).

The mission of the WTF is to provide effective international governance of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport and Paralympic sport. The envisioned objectives of the WTF are to promote, expand, and improve worldwide the practice of taekwondo in light of its educational, cultural, and sports values (the “Taekwondo movement”) and to promote fair play, youth development, and education as well as to encourage peace and cooperation though participation in sports.

International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) is an International Taekwondo Organisation founded on March 22, 1966, by Choi Hong Hai in Seoul, South Korea. 
The ITF was founded to promote and encourage the growth of the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo. The ITF's main functions include coordinating and approving tournaments and seminars, setting standards for teaching (patterns, sparring, destruction), collaborating with affiliated member organizations, and providing services members in regards to rank and certifications.

for ITF, there are 24 patterns. those patterns have differents movements and number of movements. those are ;
  1. Chon-Ji (19 Movements) 9th kup
  2. Dan-Gun (21 Movements) 8th kup
  3. Do-San (24 Movements) 7th kup
  4. Won-Hyo (28 Movements) 6th kup
  5. Yul-Gok (38 Movements) 5th kup
  6. Joong-Gun (32 Movements) 4th kup
  7. Toi-Gye (37 Movements) 3rd kup
  8. Hwa-Rang (29 Movements) 2nd kup
  9. Choong-Moo (30 Movements) 1st kup
  10. Kwang Gae (39 Movements) 1st dan
  11. Po-Eun (36 Movements) 1st dan
  12. Ge-Baek (44 Movements) 1st dan
  13. Eui-Am (45 Movements) 2nd dan
  14. Choong-Jang (52 Movements) 2nd dan
  15. Juche (45 Movements) 2nd dan
  16. Sam-Il (33 Movements) 3rd dan
  17. Yoo-Sin (68 Movements) 3rd dan
  18. Choi-Yong (46 Movements) 3rd dan
  19. Yon-Gae (49 Movements) 4th dan
  20. Ul-Ji (42 Movements) 4th dan
  21. Moon-Moo (61 Movements) 4th dan
  22. So-San (72 Movements) 5th dan
  23. Se-Jong (24 Movements) 5th dan
  24. Tong-Il (56 Movements) 6th dan

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